Contemporary North: An Exhibition of Inuit Art / Le Nord Contemporain: Une Exposition d'Art Inuit

January 8 - February 28, 2016

Ottawa School of Art’s Orleans Gallery & LaLande + Doyle exhibition space in the Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans.

Reception: Sunday, February 21, Reception from 1pm to 3pm.

"This show is a collection of works by contemporary Inuit artists working in drawing, printmaking sculpture and tapestry. It highlights a great collection of current northern art, featuring work from the students of Nunavut Arctic College as well as prints from the youth of the Embassy of Imagination." 

It is a thrill to have our Cape Dorset youth artists' prints recognized and invited to be a part of this beautiful exhibition, featuring work from incredible established Inuit Artists. The highlight was seeing Susie Saila's print hanging across the room from her father Toonoo Sharkey's carving. Congratulations to: Cie Taqiasaq, Charlie Tunnillie, Ruth Jaw, Gogo Curley, Saaki Nuna, Tommu Quvianaqtuliaq, Parr Etidloie, Audi Qinnuayuaq, and Joanasie Tunnillie!

Closing Reception! Left to Right: Patrick Thompson (EOI), Parr Etidloie, Ruth Jaw, Gogo Curley, Alexa Hatanaka (EOI)

Ruth Jaw with her linocut print

Gogo Curley and Ruth Jaw at the closing reception

Parr Etidloie explaining his collaborative woodcut print, "Light Blue, Dark Blue" with Audi Qinnuayuaq


Ruth Jaw at the closing reception, with her linocut print above: "Beastcar"

Closing Reception: Throat singers

Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans

Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans, Left to right: Charlie Tunnillie, Charlie Tunnillie, & Ruth Jaw, Audi Qinnuayuaq & Parr Etidloie

Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans, Top: Charlie Tunnillie, Saaki Nuna, Bottom: Gogo Curley, Ruth Jaw

Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans, Joanasie Tunnillie

Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans, Left to Right: Tim Pitseolak, Parr Etidloie (EOI)

Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Orleans.

Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Orleans.


Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Orleans. Right to left: Susie Saila (EOI), Qavavau Manumie, Shuvinai Ashoona, Jutai Toonoo