Along with the Hamlet of Cape Dorset, we are currently fundraising to paint the entire exterior of the Community Hall in Kinngait (Cape Dorset) in an incredible, colourful mural by the youth!

Painting will take place this August & September 2017. 

Past Mural Project: Piliriqatigiingniq, 50' x 50', Toronto, ON. By Latch Akesuk, Audi Qinnuayuaq, Parr Josephee, Cie Taqiasuk. With partners Mural Routes and Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association. 2015


This is our blank canvas, Kinngait's Community Hall:


The project:

Pijitsirniq (Serving and providing for family and/or community) is a public mural in the prolific art community of Kinngait (Cape Dorset).  Pijitsirniq celebrates and supports the artistic voices of Inuit youth. Our youth artists will be trained to translate their vision onto the entire exterior of the Community Hall. The artwork of Kinngait has contributed a lot to our national identity and pride. However, Kinngait does not equitably benefit from its own creativity: the artwork is shipped out to beautify other places. Kinngait will be beautified in a way that is meaningful to the community. 

Last year, the high school burned down. It was a primary community gathering place, and the heart of the town. It is all the more important to uplift our public spaces, making the Community Hall the perfect site for our upcoming youth mural! 

The creative process will begin with trips out on the land led by an elder. The youth will sketch and collaborate to create one cohesive mural. Youth mentors, Parr Josephee and Cie Taqiasuk will help lead the youth to execute the painting excellently. Once complete, we will have a community celebration! 


We would like to acknowledge the generous support of TakingITGlobal for this mural, as part of their Explore150 Signature Initiative for Canada 150