Cape Dorset, Nunavut 2016

Facilitators: Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson

Youth Mentor: Cie Taqiasuk

Youth aged 11 to 18 worked on this "under the ice fishing hole" mural everyday for the month of May, Nunavut Youth Arts Month. The Hamlet Council passed an official motion to support the artwork which will be enjoyed for years to come. An appropriately themed mural, this time of year the town is noticeably quieter with so many people out ice fishing. 

It is powerful to learn at a young age that one can make significant contributions to their community. 

Congratulations and thank you to the youth contributors: Latch Akesuk, Tommy Quvianaqtuliaq, Saaki Nuna, Johnnybou Taukie, Jordan Taukie, Salomonie Ashoona, Joanasie Tunnillie, Cie Taqiasuk, Janice Qimirpik, Kevin Qimirpik, Ezeevalu Samayualie, Charlie Pudlat, Harry Josephie, Johnny Samayualie, Moe Kelly, Johnny Qavavau, Salo Ivaluajuk, Iqalu Quvianaqtuliaq, Josie Saila, Susie Saila, Nathan Samayualie, Naiomi Parr, Kilabuk Pudlat, Sam Qavavau, Jutani Atsiaq, Napachie Pitsiulak, and Iqalu Ainalik.

We would like to acknowledge the funding support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, Nunavut Youth Arts Month, and the Cape Dorset Health Community Cluster Plan. Thank you to Cape Dorset Housing and the Hamlet of Cape Dorset.

Elisapee, Alexa, Johnny, Patrick, Ezee, Cie, Saaki, Tommy: Facilitators and a few mural crew members

Installing the mural makes Iqaluk break into dance! 

Latch and his mom hold up his amazing whale painting

Latch and his mom hold up his amazing whale painting

Painting a beautiful line is the first step! Progress at the Youth Centre