Quviana Parade - August 5, 2018

Leading the Quviana Parade group: Iqaluk Ainalik aka Iguana

Leading the Quviana Parade group: Iqaluk Ainalik aka Iguana

Going on the land to play, listen and get inspired

Going on the land to play, listen and get inspired

Goose hunting season inspired this real team effort. Photo: Leah Mersky

Goose hunting season inspired this real team effort. Photo: Leah Mersky

Over 70 youth came together for the Quviana Parade. Alongside other participants from the community, the youth chanted and danced through Kinngait, celebrating what they love to do: hunting, going on the land, eating country food, bouldering, art-making…it was an anti-boredom protest. Over three months youth learned new skills, like felting and plaster-casting, to create costumes, banners, and sculptures that enlivened the community with a collective action animated by colour, imagination and playfulness.

At the head of the group was a dog team and hunter in costume, led by the one and only Iqaluk Ainalik aka Iguana.

Conceptual Process was tied to four fun land-trips to go ice fishing, seal and goose hunting led by Elder Kov Tapaungai, Ettula Adla, Joseph Pinguartuk, and Mosha Ragee, including storytelling about life with dog teams by Kov.

Youth artists/ designers/ makers aged 11-18: Moe Kelly, Joanasie Tunnillie, David Pudlat, Salomonie Ashoona, Saaki Nuna, Tommy Quvianaqtuliaq, Christine Adamie, Dennis Hayward, Johnny Samayualie, Olayou Nuna, Taqialuk Nuna, Jacky Kelly, Miali Mangitak, Oqittuq Pudlat, Katsua Saila, Kevin Qimirpik, Harry Josephee, Joanasie Atsiaq, Qavavau Mangitak, Koonoo Akesuk, Annie Oshutsiaq, Mary Lisa Parr, Iqaluk Quvianaqtuliaq, Janine Manning, Gina Curley, Jutani Alariaq, Miakulu Salomonie, Aggiu Ashevak, Janine Manning, Joe Hopiqualuk, Jolly Saggiatuk, Noah Sharkey, Ooloota Parr, Johnnybou Taukie, Luke Jr Manning, Mia Saffa Manning, Ruth Jaw, Nathan Samayualie, Taqialuk Nuna, Isaci Jr Shaa, Ning Qavavau, Nathan Adla, Shiloh, Qilavak, Anirniq Adla, Laisa Ningeotchiaq, Jutani Parr, Nuvualia, Nujalia, Sheila Ningeotsiaq, Anirniq O, Moosie Bell, Pia Pudlat, Siasie Mikkigak

Large groups of 8-11 year olds were engaged to tie-dye the flags, and help paint wooden cut outs with mentors: Annie Oshutsiaq, Iqaluk Quvianaqtuliaq, Moe Kelly, Harry Josephee and Dennis Hayward.

Facilitators/ Directors: Alexa Hatanaka and Leah Mersky

Thank you: Susan Rowsell, Naomie Parr, Shelton Nipisar, Heidi Janes, Olipika Samayualie, Mary Pitisiulak, Mary Mikkigak, Cape Dorset Recreation Department, Peter Pitseolak School, Cape Dorset District Education Authority

Funded by: Government of Nunavut’s Cultural Industries and Tourism Program, Cape Dorset District Education Authority, Canada Council’s New Chapter Grant



In Nunavut, youth hunt geese simply with a rock and a skilled throwing arm. It was the season for it, which inspired this element of the parade. Youth cast each other’s arms which were carried behind the goose.

Goose Design Collaboration: Janine Manning, Aggiu Ashevak, Christine Adamie, Moe Kelly, Iqaluk Quvianaqtuliaq, Leah Mersky and Alexa Hatanaka.

Production Team: Annie Oshutsiaq, Joanasie Atsiaq, Janine Manning, Aggiu Ashevak, Leah Mersky and Alexa Hatanaka

Rock-throwing Hunting Arms: Koonoo Akesuk, Salomonie Ashoona, Joe Hopiqualuk, Johnny Samayualie, Iqaluk Quvianaqtuliaq, Joanasie Tunnillie, Moe Kelly, Janine Manning, Ruth Jaw, Aggiu Ashevak, Katsua Saila, Olayou Nuna

Photos by Leah Mersky


Design Collaboration: Christine Adamie, Alexa Hatanaka and Leah Mersky

Production Team: Christine Adamie, Annie Oshutsiaq, Koonoo Akesuk, Alexa Hatanaka and Leah Mersky

LAND - Inspiration - Conceptual Process - Skills Building - Fun

Storytelling and guiding: Kov Tapaungai

Guiding: Joseph Pinguartuk, Ettula Adla, Mosha Ragee

Coordinators: Alexa Hatanaka and Leah Mersky