Public Installation - Original Prints by Kinngait Youth

Square One Shopping Centre, Entrance 3, 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga

We are over the moon to share that Embassy of Imagination artists have a big installation of their work at Square One Centre in Mississauga for the next 3 months. This project is supported by the amazing people at Oxford Properties and Square One Centre and is a fundraiser for next summers Community Hall mural in Kinngait  (Cape Dorset) in partnership with the Hamlet of Cape Dorset.

25 foot portraits by Tommy QuvianaqtuliaqLatch AkesukCie Taqiasuk and Holly Josephee were selected to be blown up to a monumental scale. In addition,  Josie Anirniq SailaSusie Seeta Saila SharkySaaki NunaKevin Allooloo, Salo Ivalujuak, Ezeevalu Samayualie (with Alexa) and Joanasie Tunnillie have their works beautifully framed and in the showcase. Finally, the installation features documentation of the past two summer's mural projects in Toronto and Montreal by Latch Akesuk, Aoudi Qinnayuaq, Cie Taqiasuk, Parr Josephee, Johnny Samayualie, Salomonie Ashoona, Tommy Quvianaqtuliaq and Saaki Nuna.

This installation also has text that talks about Kinngait's amazing art history, artwork and all of the other mural projects EOI has produced over the last few years.

A short film produced during the Embassy of Imagination workshops in Kinngait and supported by the W. Garfield Weston Foundation is also on continuous loop.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support!

Tommy Quvianaqtuliaq, left, Parr Josephee, right. Tommy's self-portrait is the giant linocut image behind him, and Parr stands beside one of many photos of himself as part of the Piliriqatigiingniq mural project in Toronto, 2015.

Thank you Joseph Daniel PinguartukTyler Anderson 

****An extra big thank you to Sean Martindale for doing such a wonderful job on the layout for this project****

Photos in the installation shot by Tobin Grimshaw and Olivier Bousquet/ MU of mural projects that were in partnership with Mural Routes & NACA, and MU.